Hi I’m Liakoth Ali and I’m a London based photographer. I founded ZAZA Photography in 2012 and my work has hugely been involved in, but not restricted to, wedding photography.

My current lists of clientele are situated throughout the UK. This flexibility allows me to have a constant flow of projects and the travelling creates further opportunities to expand and enhance my portfolio.

I honestly can’t remember being able to tell a story without the use of a camera. Although words can help build a picture, a photo helps to see it capturing all the raw emotions and expressions. More importantly, further down the timeline when you stumble across your album, you can relive the moments again a little more accurately.

If my memory serves me correctly, I started taking photographs from the age of eleven. One day my father asked me to hold his camera whilst he took out a new 35mm roll and inserted it into the back compartment. My curious mind was so intrigued and I watched him clicking away whilst me and my little brother were playing on the monkey bars at out local park then.

Since then, cameras have developed significantly and revolutionised the photo industry and I have adapted to the changes. Photography means the absolute world to me and capturing those special moments in any given event, whether it be weddings, engagements or even candid shots is what keeps me fuelled.

After years of experience and experimenting in a variety of genres, I found myself gravitating towards wedding photography. I believe every wedding, family and couple are different and I pride myself on being versatile in how I tell your personal story. As a professional I spend a great deal of time with each of my clients understanding their needs and expectations.

When I’m not carrying my camera, friends and family will find me in the kitchen cooking and experimenting new dishes. I love horseback riding, going to the movies, listening to variety of music, socialising with friends and networking. I also have a keen interested in art and culture.

I consider myself fortunate to meet and work with so many wonderful individuals and couples who love and appreciate artistry. My number one priority as your photographer is to document your unique story so you can treasure the moments for yourself and your loved ones.